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Manufacturing / Molding Room
Because we know that the quality of the mold is the major factor in specifying the quality of the parts,in each step of production, we are sensitive for measure,labour cost and material.By fallowing the developing technology and methods,we render continuous modernisation of our molding room.

In order to ensure rapid and economic manufacturing,increase the mold life, increase the machining accuracy and reduce the machining time,our experienced employees use CNC Cutting Centers,electro erosions,milling machines and lathes in mold manufacturing.

After the preparation of the programme CAM,with the affirmation of our customers,we begin to manufacturing the designs prepared by our designers by using the programme CAD.Surface treaments of the mold are completed at CNC,eresion,milling and grinding machines.The parts are collected by our experienced employees with control and the mold is sent to injection department for test.With its experiments,if the mold works as our customer desires,its print will be taken and it will be delivered to customer.

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