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21. Cadde 1373. Sokak No: 6
Yenimahalle / ANKARA / TÜRKİYE

+90 312 395 97 91
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Manufacturing / Plastic Department
Our factory is designed for producing technical plastic parts and has got 5 to 2000 gram injection capacity and endowed with plastic injection machines(controlled by PLC).Our experienced injection employees make production as our customers desires.

In our company,we always give importance to quality and ISO 9001-2000 Quality Management System is applied.

Our main principle are periodic maintanences of working molds,pre-control in the begining part of the press, comparison of the product with the previous one,proper settlement and taking protective precautions to the molds at the end of the work.

The portfolio of our company consists of many productions as customer molds (contract manufacturing) and their own manufacturing molds.

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